Journal: European Surgical Research 

Submission Deadline: July 31, 2024

Human gut microbiota has received considerable interest in the last few decades, but it has been only partly understood in its function to maintain both gut physiology and health as well as to induce and to even propagate many diseases. Several factors, such as diet, age, host genetics, antibiotics, geographics and lifestyle, are shaping gastrointestinal microbiota composition, either in a useful or harmful way. Alterations of the complex symbiosis between the human body and its microbiome are accused to contribute to the pathophysiology of a variety of diseases. Among them, metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity, are clearly linked to dysbiosis of gut microbiota. There is upcoming evidence that bariatric surgery as therapeutic strategy to treat morbid obesity might have the potential to rebalance the intestinal ecosystem. Here, we like to encourage you to submit your high-quality scientific work on the theme “gut microbiome and bariatric surgery”.

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