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Research does not end in the laboratory, nor with the publication of a paper.

Researchers aspire more and more to reach everyone who is hungry for scientific knowledge: for example healthcare professionals who want to stay informed and explain better. Or patients and caregivers who try to understand, make informed decisions and be heard. Connecting them with science calls for an engaging journey that can translate research into information, and information into action; and for this purpose, accessible, plain language capable of explaining complex scientific information about research, diseases, or treatment is essential.  

Discover our resources around the usage of plain language in science and healthcare and dive into our expert interviews, webinar recordings, podcast, blogposts and more to hear the voice of plain-language communicators.

Why is Everyone Talking about Plain Language Summaries?

Delve into the increasing significance of Plain Language Summaries in healthcare and their potential for revolutionizing information accessibility in this insightful video interview with patient advocate and Plain Language ambassador Trishna Bharadia.

Trishna Bharadia: A Voice for Patients

Trishna Bharadia is a multi-award-winning health advocate and patient engagement advisor who lives with several long-term physical and mental health conditions, including multiple sclerosis. She is based in the UK and works both nationally and internationally to make the patient voice heard louder, stronger and more effectively throughout the healthcare journey and medicine development lifecycle.

With Karger Publishers she has worked on many different healthcare projects, including the development of the eLearning course for authors and medical writers: "How to write a Plain Language Summary".


Learn more about the "How to write a Plain Language Summary" course

Ready to Dive into the World of Plain?


Bob Perry, Patient Support Manager at WMUK

PLS: A Guide for Better HCP and Patient Engagement

In a world where patients navigate a sea of research and health data, Plain Language Summaries offer a lifeline. Dive into our guide to discover their pivotal role and countless benefits within the health sciences industry and how they bridge the gap between scientific jargon, HCP engagement and patient comprehension.

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Iola Forster, Head of Healthcare Publications at Karger

Explain in Plain! Watch the Expert Panel

Different voices from publishing, medical writing, patient advocacy and the health sciences industry come together to discuss:

  • The importance of PLS for your HCP and patient education
  • How to combine formats and channels of your PLS to reach your audience
  • How and when AI can help you create and distribute PLS

Watch now the recording of the panel with Chahrazed Poignant, Catherine Richards Golini (both Karger Publishers), Yuan Wang (Bayer) and Trishna Bharadia.

Catherine Richards Golinini and Jonathan Gifford, Rare Disease projects at Karger

How an engaging PLS could look

Say it with a picture! Produced by Karger for a pharmaceutical partner, this plain language summary combines easy-to-understand text with a compact structure, clear graphics, and visualized data sets. Several studies have shown that the infographic approach is currently by far the most popular with patients. 

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Pamela Marinou, Multichannel Campaigner at Karger

How to Write a Plain Language Summary

Not only for students and researchers. Interested in techniques to make complex content understandable for everyone?  This 60-minute, free-to-access course will guide you through the process of creating a plain language summary. 

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Waldenström Macroglobulinemia

Looking Beyond the Language

Creating effective Plain Language Summaries requires more than just good writing skills, says Dr. Catherine Richards Golini, a healthcare publications editor and plain language expert at Karger Publishers. Learn more in her appearance at the Velocity of Content podcast.

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